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Unlike how HMD Global or some other OEMs that provides bootloader unlock officially, we do not issue bootloader unlock key file / unlock code to you. Instead, you need to provide your phone’s Product Serial Number (PSN) to allow you use our bootloader unlock tool.

Generally we do not limit the quantity of how many devices you could unlock within a day, but if you find your unlock request isn’t submitted successfully, a reason will be sent to your Email.

How to get your phone’s Product Serial Number?

This is not your phone’s IMEI.

If you prefer getting it via ADB commands:

  • Turn on USB debugging by getting to “Settings” – “About Phone”, and tap “Software version” 8 times continuously. You may need to provide lockscreen password to enable Developer Options.
  • Get back to “Settings” – “System”, and find “Developer Options” here.
  • Turn on “USB Debugging” here. You don’t need to turn on “OEM Unlocking” option here, which is proved useless.
  • Connect your phone to PC and execute following commands:
$ adb devices
(Grant USB debugging permission on your phone – if you missed the grant dialog, execute adb reconnect).
$ adb shell getprop ro.serialno
  • The output is your Product Serial Number. We recommend you to copy it instead of typing it manually.

If you prefer getting it on your phone directly:

  • Get to “Settings” – “About Phone” – “Model & Hardware”.
  • Long press “Serial Number” section to copy it.

If you know the phone’s IMEI:

Once you find your phone’s Product Serial Number, please provide your Product Serial Number and your Email address here. You’ll be redirected to the next step once you submit your Product Serial Number. If you have many phones to get unlocked, please return to this page so you can continue to submit another phone’s Product Serial Number. We will not send any Email to you unless an issue is found from your request. 

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