Video Usage Rules


Revision V1.2, effective date March 19th, 2022

Thank you for your interest to videos from Hikari Calyx Tech (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us” or “our”)! Unauthorized re-uploading of videos, represented by content farms, can be seen everywhere on Internet. In order to protect the copyrights of the videos we publish from being infringed, and to regulate the citation of videos by the managers of video channels, we have published the rules for the use of this video. If you decide to use the video in any way described in this article, we will assume that you have known and read the video usage rules, and you are willing to bear all the consequences for possible violations of the video usage rules.

Section I – Application Scope of Video Account

This rule applies to all original videos by us under the following platforms and account/channel names.

We have not settled on other unlisted video platforms, but it does not mean that you can ignore the rules on unlisted video platforms.

Section II – Ways to use video without prior consent

2.1 You can embed the original video link in forums (including Baidu Tieba, reddit and various communities) or news articles, just simply indicate the name of the publisher.
2.2 You can share the original video link to your followers or friends through various social platforms and instant chat applications.
2.3 If you only need to watch later, you can cache the video on your device.
2.4 You can take a screenshot from the video and explain it separately, you can scale the video in equal proportions, and you can add annotations, but you must indicate the source, and you must not add your own watermark without authorization.
2.5 Out of the principle of fair use, if you need to use video clips, you can take a small part of the video and use it in your video, but the overall duration of the clip should not exceed 15 seconds. 

Section III – Ways to use video only after obtaining prior consent

If you have the following requirements, you must contact us in advance. We accept usage requests published in Chinese and English. The use without consent will be handled in accordance with the processing methods in Section V.

3.1 It is necessary to use fragments whose overall duration exceeds 15 seconds.
3.2 The video needs to be re-uploaded to the platform where we have not settled (such as vimeo).
3.3 Need to use our video to make remix.
3.4 The video content is relatively sensitive, and the identity information in the video needs to be masked.
3.5 Place our videos for advertising and other commercial purposes.

List of Authorized Video Creators

Section IV – Ways of Using Videos Not Allowed

The following situations violate our video usage rules and will be handled in accordance with the processing methods in Section 5.

4.1 Reupload our videos to the video platform we have settled on, regardless of whether the video link is disclosed or not, regardless of whether the original video source is indicated.
4.2 On the above basis, our logo and watermark are covered or cut deliberately.
4.3 Although the use of video clips complies with the principle of fair use, it is obviously malicious. For example, we use our video clips to extract out of context and publish opinions that are inconsistent with the original video.
4.4 In order to avoid obtaining authorization to intercept a large number of our videos from being re-quoted, the video you quoted twice may not violate the relevant content of Section III without authorization. For example, in the video that you reproduced from an authorized creator, most of the content includes video clips from us.

Section V – How to deal with violations of rules

Hikari Calyx Tech has zero tolerance for unauthorized video theft. Depending on the platform, we will take different measures.
In most cases, we will use the reporting system in the video platform. Take YouTube as an example. We will issue copyright strikes to users who violate the rules and will never consider removal. We believe that the copyright warnings issued by us will not accidentally hurt any users. You shall not escape punishment by not knowing the video usage rules.
At the same time, unauthorized use of our video content by video sites in China (such as Youku, TikTok China) will face certain legal risks.

Section VI – Miscellaneous

6.1 The usage rules may be updated or changed, so please be sure to check the usage rules when considering using the video.
6.2 If you violate the changed rules of use when using our videos, but do not violate the rules of use before the change, we will decide whether to take measures at our discretion.
6.3 Hikari Calyx Tech reserves the right of final interpretation of the above rules of use.