Terms and Conditions


Thanks for choosing Hikari Calyx Tech! Please read the disclaimer and our anti-abuse policies before you request our service.

Most of our services are unattended unless mentioned, so your order won’t be fulfilled immediately once you made payment if you’re requesting service that not unattended. Usually it would take up to 12-36 hours to finish your order. However, if you change your mind and want refund before your order get fulfilled, please do send Email to hikaricalyx (at) hikaricalyx (dot) com .


1. If you choose only request the unlock key, we cannot provide refund if unlock key is generated successfully. Calculating unlock key will cost NTool credits, if we just issue refund, We’ll lose credits with nothing. Even if we don’t consume NTool credits for calculating unlock key, we will never know if this will be abused by customers for getting unlock key for free, please bear with us.
2. We’re not responsible for bricking the phone if you didn’t operate the phone well – if unlock fail, it will not accept the unlock key and tell you the unlock key can’t be verified, instead of bricking/bootlooping your phone. Unless the bootloader unlock service is provided remotely.
3. Choose a bootloader unlock guide you trust, if you think the guide on our website can’t be trusted.
4. As we’re not members from FIH Mobile, HMD Global or Sharp Mobile, we cannot guarantee further update will block our unlock method, please understand.

Hikari Calyx Tech Anti-Abuse Policies

Revision V1.1 (2019/10/01)

To prevent services from Hikari Calyx Tech (abbreviated as HCT) being abused for illegal purposes, here’re our policies.
1. To prevent from stolen phones being repurposed, HCT can’t provide FRP unlock service. Therefore, FDP service could be stopped as well in near future when the manufacturer enabled remote lockoff functionality.
2. To prevent escaping from the contract to your operator or warranty hacks, HCT can’t provide IMEI changing service.
3. Due to trustchain and full encryption, and backdoors are eliminated in recent builds, HCT can’t provide screen lock removal service or rooting without bootloader unlocking – which could be used for data forensics. HCT respects the privacy of end-users, so HCT will never leak any sensitive info to public – HCT will only disclose the total number of service requests for specific models.

You didn’t read the disclaimer and our anti-abuse policies, didn’t you? We know everyone will not read the disclaimer. However, if you need to ensure everything meets your requirements, please read it.

By checking the box, you agree our disclaimer and you wish to request our service.