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How to check FIH Build Version

First, please enter Fastboot / Download mode by using following method:

  • FIH Models (Nokia phones that released until early 2019 and all supported Sharp phones): Power off the phone and connect it to a charger. Once you see charging animation, press and hold both volume down and power key.
  • Non-FIH Models (Nokia x.2, Nokia x.3, Nokia Cx and Nokia x.4): Power off the phone, then press and hold both volume down and power key.
  • If Nokia Cx cannot boot to Fastboot mode properly (e.g. Nokia C3), then power off the phone, and press and hold both Google Assistant Key (repurposed as Whatever-You-Want key in China), volume down key and power key.

Then connect the phone to PC. If you’re using Windows, please ensure driver is installed properly. For FIH Models, the driver need to be shown as Fastboot device and the vendor name must be “Mobile” or “HMD Global”.

Execute this command with Platform Tools provided here:

fastboot oem getversions

Since ADB/Fastboot binaries included in Minimal ADB and Fastboot are horribly out of date, using Minimal ADB and Fastboot is strictly forbidden, you should remove it.

You’ll get output like this:

(bootloader) model=AOP
(bootloader) sub_model=none
(bootloader) software version=AOP-525E-0-00WW-B01
(bootloader) SW model=00WW
(bootloader) build number=B01
(bootloader) hardware version=4.2W
(bootloader) RF band id=G_850_900_1800_1900^W_1_2_4_5_8^L_1_2_3_4_5_7_8_
(bootloader) 12_13_17_20_28_32_38_39_40_41_66
OKAY [ 0.039s]
Finished. Total time: 0.042s

What we need is the software version shown here, in this case, AOP-525E-0-00WW-B01.

For non-FIH models, you might get output like this:

(bootloader) model=Nokia7.2
(bootloader) sub_model=none
(bootloader) software version=00WW_2_340_SP02
(bootloader) SW model=
(bootloader) build number=A01
(bootloader) hardware version=A1-1
(bootloader) RF band id=
OKAY [ 0.020s]
Finished. Total time: 0.027s

In this case, provide the 00WW_2_340_SP02 shown here.

If you get errors during the getversions procedure, it means your PC seems incompatible with your phone. You’ll need to find another PC or add an USB 2.0 hub as workaround.

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